1 to 200 ul, yellow tips, DNas/RNase free, 1000/bag
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Kirgen universal fit pipet tips are automatically manufactured from 100% medical grade polypropylene with five star high precision mold in 100,000 grade clean room, guarantees precise pipetting and uniformity of tip surface; no additive and release agent are used during production, all tips are DNAse/RNAse free, non pyrogens and autoclavable; the unique design of extended length greatly reduces cross contamination;Authorized by ISO 13485 certification. Unique thin-walled design increased the flexibility of pipet tips for convenient operation and precision, effectively reduced the risk of RSI. Flexible tail vertebrae, enhance sealing between pipette and tips Unique conical design, fits most pipette brands(Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, Thermo, Labsystems etc.) Clear graduation, easy to observe Uniformity and hydrophobicity of tip surface minimize the liquid residual The gradually pointed design is perfectly suitable for micro-liquid pipetting Extra-long tips Greatly reduces the cross contamination between pipettor and tips Greatly reduces the cross contamination between samples and pipettor Reduce the times to sterilize the pipettes to extend service time Reduce the time and cost for pipette sterilization The extra long design is convenient for pipetting of test tubes, culture bottles and volumetric flasks Clear and precise graduation, easy for observation

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