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The ideal dosage depends on the hardness of the water and the level of contamination of the items to be cleaned.

Recommended application concentrations:
• For normal contamination: 2 %
• For heavy contamination: 5 %
• For very tough stains up to 20 %

Sequestering agent content (alkalimetric) 8.5–10.0 % Free alkali (as NaOH) 1.5–2.5 %


Meets ACS Specifications

  • Meets ACS Specifications
  • For nucleic acid purification and precipitation
  • Ultrapure molecular biology grade ethanol is used for the purification and precipitation of biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins
  • It is also used in histology to prepare staining and destaining reagents and for dehydrating tissues prior to embedding

RCT basic

The bestseller in laboratories: Strong motor for a higher range of speeds, additional temperature control mode for faster heating of medium

  • Integrated temperature control
  • Incl. PT 1000 temperature sensor (PT 1000.60)
  • Exact temperature and speed setting via digital display, even when switched off
  • Set safety temperature limit displayed digitally
  • Hot Top indicator >> hot surface warning to prevent burns!
  • Digital error code display
  • With adjustable safety circuit of heating plate temperature (50 - 360 °C)
  • Safety magnetic stirrer with heating, suitable for unsupervised operation
  • Bushing according to DIN 12878 for connecting a contact thermometer, e.g. ETS-D5, enables precise temperature control
  • High level of safety thanks to improved heat control technology 
  • Enclosed assembly (IP 42) guarantees long service life
  • Aluminium heating plate for optimum heat transfer
  • Improved magnetic adhesion
  • Incl. protection cover H 100
  • Max. stirring quantity (H2O): 20 l
  • Speed range: 50 - 1500 rpm
  • Temperature range: RT - 310 °C

Two Kinds of Filters:

Professional efficient filtration module plus honeycomb type activated carbon adsorbing mesh can realize a PM2.5 removal rate of >99.9% and a methanol removal rate of > 95% after operating for 1 hour.

Triple Disinfection:

Plasma disinfection, ultraviolet + titanium dioxide photo catalyst disinfection, and nano-silver ion filtration layer disinfection together ensures bacterial and viruses killing rate of > 99.9%.

Fresh Air:

Negative-ion generator can release healthy negative ions so that users can enjoy clean air like immersing oneself in a forest.



Concise Test Result with Accurate Temperature Control:

Precise temperature control within the fluctuation range of +/- 0.1 oC, with 6 sided heating based on fuzzy PID control principles ensure the normal growth of cells throughout their life cycle.

New IR Sensor Control Technology for Precise CO2 Concentration:

New type IR sensor technology, using NDIR measurement principles, can withstand high temperature up to 190 oC. The silicon MEMS Transmitter can withstand more than 300 dry heat sterilization cycles with a service life of 15 years 


Energy Saving:

VIP(Vacuum Insulation Panel) design with extra insulation cuts down on heat loss to cabinet by 25% and helps reduce energy consumption by more than 20%,power consumption only 8.5 kWh/day

Slim Design:

Easily fit through standard lab door and takes a small footprint


Cabinet temperature can reach -86°C  with temp uniformity within 5°C