CO2 Incubator, 170L
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Concise Test Result with Accurate Temperature Control:

Precise temperature control within the fluctuation range of +/- 0.1 oC, with 6 sided heating based on fuzzy PID control principles ensure the normal growth of cells throughout their life cycle.

New IR Sensor Control Technology for Precise CO2 Concentration:

New type IR sensor technology, using NDIR measurement principles, can withstand high temperature up to 190 oC. The silicon MEMS Transmitter can withstand more than 300 dry heat sterilization cycles with a service life of 15 years 

Product Parameters:

Cabinet Type Airjact
CO2 Range 0-20%
CO2 Senser IR
Temperature Range(℃) Range 3°C above ambient to 55°C
Sterilization cycle temperature 180℃ on all internal surfaces
Capacity(L/Cu.Ft) 170L/6.00
Exterior Dimension(W*D*H)(mm) 707*812*887
Exterior Dimension(W*D*H)(in) 27.8*32*34.9


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